Critters on my walks

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 This cat never likes my attention 😄 I´m not sure of it´s gender but I like it´s color.

Not sure what species this is, but I like this color too. I might call it Rusty!
© NF Photo 191007

Fallow deer.
Now I know where these guys are and what time they are usually there. But sneaking up on them without being seen, is hard as they are at the far side of the field.
I was finally spotted and the herd went into the forest. Except for one. This deer was watching me for about 15 min before it left too. It seemed like it was standing guard as I could hear them communicate. It was very interesting 
© NF Photo 191004


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  1. It makes me shudder to see cats wandering loose like that. They can decimate bird populations, to say nothing of other small creatures.

  2. Hello, pretty kitty. The rusty butterfly looks like yard art. The deer are beautiful. Great sighting and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, Enjoy your weekend. PS, thanks for the visit and comment.

  3. The deer are just beautiful! I love it when they freeze and give you time to get some photos! The cat is gorgeous! Happy weekend!

  4. Photography by walking around. I do that a lot.

  5. I like the butterfly, it's so intricate.

  6. Great selection of critters, your last photograph of the Fallow deer is wonderful.

    All the best Jan


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