Little ones

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Flies and blooms are still around

A snail on decayed Lily of the valley leaves and berry

Another kind of snail on a stick

A European garden spider / cross spider is building it´s net on my balcony. 
I wonder how old they can be as I seem to have one or two as house gests every year on my balcony. Every time I by accident spoil their net they build a new one. This time I was watching the spider weaving. You can see the thread coming from it´s legs. You see the belly of the spider. 

© NF Photo 201010


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  1. Hello,

    Great nature images. Love the spider and web shot. The snails are cool, I never see them here with the shells. The flowers and fly photo is pretty. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care and Enjoy your day! Happy weekend!

  2. Spiders are just amazing to watch. We see a lot of big spiders in the trees right now and I try to avoid getting caught in the strand of web that comes down low. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. o such cute photos of the snails, the colors are great and the spider with its web!
    Gret Photos!
    Have a good weekend,Elke

  4. Monica these photos are amazing

  5. It is always fascinating to watch a spider construct its web. If only we had similar ability!

  6. Great photos! Take care!

  7. I love attracting bees into the garden, keeps our pollinating going.

  8. Great photos Monica, but ick...I can't handle snails and spiders lol...though I can handle horror movies, go figure lol! :)


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