The little green spring pleasure

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Green hairstreak - grönsnabbvinge
© NF Photo 160506

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  1. This post was right up my street. I've been out and about today as the temperature has been in the early 20s. I've seen a lot of green around.

    By the way, the bike never "jumped" over the wall. I took the photo for my new header at the point where the Turkey Brook trail joins the River Lee Navigation. I had just turned right around that wall! :-) That's my next post, by the way.

    Greetings from London.

  2. Well, now that I am here, I see that I have missed several of your posts. I guess I didn't realize I was so behind. I love the little Green Hairstreak. We have several butterflies of that ilk, but they are white and yellow ... have never seen a green one. It is beautiful and even more so when you helped it out digitally :) As for your side mirror, can't quite make out what is happening there, but looks a little scary. I also missed the Common Tern which looks anything but common ... love the reflection picture with their little mouths open. They look like they are telling you and your camera to bug off :). And finally the glitter on Baltic Sea. We often have glitter on our lake in the sunlight, but I have had a terrible time being able to capture it. You have done it here ... what's your secret? So sorry I missed these ... I appreciate that you sought me out and yes, I am fine, albeit tired. My neighbor had a wedding in her back yard yesterday so I dug in and did all of the yard work that I usually do at a more leisurely pace so that it would look nice and not distract from the beauty of the wedding. I still have more to do, but I am way ahead of the game for a change :) Be well, Monica and thanks again for the poke :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    1. lol, you are going to kill me now.   Thanks for the long reply to the little green one. The butterfly looks like that it is not altered. What you really missed to comment on was the Creative Playroom. You linked up but forgot to comment. To busy I guess with all sorts of labor.  

  3. I don't think I've ever seen a green butterfly. I looks gorgeous. Great shots, too!

  4. thanks Andrea, she is my granddaughter and is preparing tea :)

  5. What a great capture -- the beautiful green colour is amazing.

  6. What a great photo of that little green bug. :) Erika

  7. What a great photo of that little green bug. :) Erika

  8. Hello, a beautiful color and a gorgeous butterfly. Lovely photos. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your week ahead!


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