White tailed eagle vs Osprey

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Havsörn - Haliaeetus albicilla - White-tailed Eagle /Sea Eagle
and probably a buzzard
©   NF Photo 140715
This  seems to me to be an Osprey steeling a fish from the Eagle. But then looses it so none of them get the fish.

Saturdays Critters

I had a request of reopening NF Winged. A meme for everything winged like flies, butterflies, bugs, birds and such. Winged critters really. If you are interested in that please make a comment at:
NF Memes
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  1. Kul.. Fina foton.. tur du hade också..

  2. great flight shots of the action. Have a great birding weekend.

  3. Cool action shot. Both the Osprey and Eagle are cool birds. Thanks for linking up with my critter party, have a happy weekend!

  4. Nice aerial action images.

    I would welcome you re-starting NF Winged especially for Butterflies and Odonata.

  5. Stiliga fåglar båda två.

  6. Wonderful action in these shots!

  7. Gorgeous fotos,Greeting from Belgium,Tomorrow it is National Day in Belgium


  8. Wow! Such an exciting nature experience to get to have! I know you feel honored to have seen it, though I hope both birds fared well in their encounter. We have been away for two weeks. Will be posting our vacation photos a lot in the weeks to come!


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