Hoya praetori... or??

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Hoya praetori... or??
©   NF Photo 140724
This plant came from a floral shot I bought 3 years ago. Now, finally, it started to bloom. But to my surprise it is not the one I bought. They sent me another one. Well, I can´t say I´m sorry, this one is gorgeous too, And so large, 35mm in dia, and it has a skirt. :) There is only three flowers, not a lot as the others I have. But that might be just a slow beginning.
Hoya praetori... or?? It was the name I was given. But the one I wanted should be orange/yellow. And much smaller.
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  1. Och vilken fantastisk doft dessa blommor har.

    Finfina bilder!

  2. Otroligt vacker är den i alla fall! Jag har aldrig sett så stora blommor på en hoya.

  3. I have no idea what it is, but it is pretty! Nice photos of it also.

  4. this flower is so pretty and delicate.

  5. It certainly is very pretty and pure white. I've never seen this one before although I used to have a whole collection of Hoyas.


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