Sunbeam Uppsala

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I spent my day at Stendörren Natural reserve. A great place for taking a wim in the Baltic Sea. Just as we was packing our gear to go home this beauty came into sight. No chance you are getting home as long as she was visible.

 More about Sunbeam Swedish only, sorry.
A GOOGLE translation from a part of the history below:

research sunbeams history

The English cutter Sunbeam was built in 1905 in the East of England, specifically in Lowestoft.
The ship was built as a sailing trawlers to fish in the North Sea in summer and winter. During the late 1800s and early 1900s built over 2000 so-called "smacks" or sailing trawlers in England. The name Kutter comes to the type of vessel early had a CUTTER ie was enmastade, but later became vessels ketchriggade. The typical hull form with a straight stem, long keel, tail hedge and quite deep (about 3m) is characteristic of an English cutter. The vessels are built in 5 inch frames of oak with a plating on 2.5 to 3 inch shell and an interior decoration of 2-2.5 inch oak. The deck of pine is put on the deck beams of ek.Uttrycket "Two skips built in one" is proof that they considered this to be a strong hull.

NF Catching light

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  1. It is a beautiful ship! Great shots! Happy Skywatching and have a great weekend!

  2. A beautiful ship indeed and a terrific capture for the day! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. Wow! A beautiful boat and I like the warm colors against the blue=Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love pics of sailboats and yours is great.

  5. What beauty to appear on your horizon! I can see how you'd not want to leave. ;-)

    1. P.S.:
      Read your note regarding G+
      I hope they'll not force us to join in order to keep blogging!

  6. Merisi, you are probably a member already.

    Thanks guys, glad you liked the ship.

  7. A beautiful ship! Wonderful photos!

  8. Love the sail shapes on this beautiful boat. I would be mesmerised if I was there.

  9. amazing too see traditional sailing boats out on the water, they are so impressive
    thanks for sharing with SWF
    moved my blog to: http://www.pearlmaple.com/nature-photos/walking-your-story/

  10. She's a beauty - I love the look of her dark sails, she's very exotic compared to the more traditional and modern sailboats behind her!

  11. It is a beautiful ship. Great photos of it also!

  12. Väldigt tjusig - härligt med bilder ur olika perspektiv.

  13. so lovely pictures, beautiful boat. What a sight!

  14. Enjoyed reading the info...terrific shots♪

  15. Rett navn :)
    Vakkert skip vakkert fotografert.
    Ha en fin dag.


  16. If it has lasted since 1905, I am guessing they were right, the hull is strong. But that is not what catches my attention ... it is beautiful and with the sunlight reflecting off of the sails, breath taking ... wonderful captures, Monica.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  17. What a delight ... I love that tangerine colour of the sails ... Perfect against a clear blue sky.

  18. WOW! These photos are great!

  19. Love those red sails. The last time I swam in the Baltic was in a certain March when it was sleeting!

  20. Wonderful shots.

  21. She's lovely! We recently had the pleasure of boarding the 1877 tall ship Elissa in Galveston, TX. What fun!


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