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On top: European Robin
Center: Jackdaw
bottom: Hooded crow

The Robin was a cool shot for me. I arrived at a place to see if the feeder was started. It wasn´t. I was just prepared tp leave when I noticed movements at this birdhouse. I quickly lifted the camera and was able to get two shots. Once at home I saw who it was. A sweet Robin. :) And sharp enough to share. Sometimes the camera works with me. 😀

The Jackdows, they are everywhere. I don´t often photograph them. But this time it was a nice sight on the road beside the tree.  

The Hooded crow is a common bird. Still hard to capture as it is very aware of humans. 

The deers are back, but it has been too dark to get any shots. And they dont let me come close either. Guess they have to get used to me again. 

I hope everyone is healthy and not too cold. We only had a hint of snow so far. But it is quite chilly. 

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  1. Hello,
    Your Robins is so sweet, adorable bird. Great captures of the Jackdaw and the Hooded Crow is a handsome bird. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  2. When I visit Europe, intelligent, entertaining Jackdaws are always a pleasure to see.

  3. Great shots! Hooded Crow looks good.

    My latest post:

  4. What a neat mosaic of these beautiful birds. It's still pretty warm here in the South..in the 70s today. Happy weekend!

  5. Bellos pájaros te mando un beso

  6. What a beautiful collage of the birds.
    You hardly see the hooded crow here.
    The jackdows are really a lot here.
    The robin is cute.
    Greetings Irma

  7. Your "hint of snow" would have me moving to more southern climes! lol

    Lovely images this week!!

    Thank you for taking time from your day to share with us at IRBB!

  8. Hello Monica, The robins is a bird I never tire of seeing, and you have taken great photos of them. The Hooded Crow is a striking looking bird which I have never seen. Lovely collage of all the birds
    Here in Portugal the weather continues to be warm and sunny, so I'm taking advantage of these autumn days.

  9. Beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. I live by Fox River & we usually see ducks! Ducks, ducks and more ducks! By my home it's squirrels, squirrels and more squirrels & ducks & geese and sometimes Swans if we're lucky to catch one they are so beautiful! I live very close to Fox River.

  10. The Robin is here on our terrace - we feed them and we love to look at the birds.

    Thank you for sharing, Monica, I enjoyed your Post.

    Happy MosaicMonday

  11. Very interesting mosaic. Happy Monday


  12. Sweet birds and photos. I only see robins in spring so seeing one now would be a surprise.

  13. Such lovely birds.
    I just recently bought some Christmas Cards and some have a Robin on them ...

    All the best Jan

  14. Monica - I have never seen a hooded crow, even in a picture! It is a magnificent animal! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


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