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Whooper swan running in the air. It did look quite fun actually. 
Images from Öland 170530

My blue eyed friend!
I have followed this cat since she was a kitten. I love her blue eyes and her colors. She is very sweet and I have never seen her more then a few meters from her home. So, she is not a hunter. But she is soo hard to get good shots of. As soon as she gets close, she don´t leave you until you walk away too far from her home. Then she goes back!

These cows was actually eating of the bark on the timber. 
From the look of the logs these really needed to come down. But I don´t think this is due to the Bark beetle problem. They are just old!

© NF Photo 210918

Take care everyone!

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  1. Hello,
    Love the running swan image, great captures. The kitty does have pretty blue eyes. I hope the cows are safe there next to those logs. Wonderful post and photos. Thank you for the visit and comment.
    Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Interesting shots! The cat has watchdog type qualities.

    My latest post:

  3. Love your shot of the swan in the air! And such a pretty blue eyed cat too. And a good think if she does not hunt.

  4. What neat photos of the swan! It's fun to get home with photos and see something like this!

  5. There's a great story in each one of your beautiful pictures! THat kitty is gorgeous. I would want one like her if we didn't enjoy traveling so much. And I wish I could fly like the swans (no worries about covid from the airports ;>)!)....... maybe the cows are getting salt from the bark?

  6. Hermoso gatito, y lindo cisne, te mando un beso

  7. Hello,:=) There is a famous song called "Walking In The Air"if only, or better still flying in the air.The swan shots are great fun. The blue eyed cat is a beauty, it has lovely coloured fur. The country scene with grazing cattle is just beautiful. The blue sky, and lighting is perfect. There are certain minerals in bark, and it is high in fibre, so perhaps this is the reason they eat the bark.

  8. Fun critters! I love the bird, but the cat is lovely.

  9. These are beautiful and cute animal photos!!!
    Greetings Elke

  10. Love the cat. Of course. He is beautiful.
    Happy MosaicMonday

  11. Oh my goodness, Monica, I love all of these pictures! I don't need to choose a favorite, so I won't. The sky in the cow photo is really pretty! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  12. cows are so curious and friendly, so is the cat.

  13. Good Monday
    Lovely mosaics


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  15. Beautiful photos!

    I especially love the swans in flight.


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