De(a)er beetle

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Fallow deer bucks
You know them by now. This was a special moment when I found them in a glade. 

Musk beetle and Green rose chafer
Both glowing and shiny

© NF Photo 210731

I hope everyone is still fine and healthy. 
Wheather wise Sweden seem to be a bit shaky right now. We have got some of the floods as Central Europe suffer from. But not that severe. On my walk yesterday the weather changed from fine to thunder storm in minutes. Luckily I noticed the clouds comming up so I turned around halfway. I just got a bit wet. On my way home I passed two rather large branches on the road. But no fallen trees. 

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  1. Hello,
    Love the handsome Fallow bucks. Great photos. The beetles are a pretty shiny color. I hope you are safe from these storms and floods. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend! PS, thank you for the comment on my blog.

  2. The deer are beautiful and I have no delight your emotions soared when you saw them. The insect would have been delightful too, but not in the same realm of ecstasy!,

  3. Wonderful captures! First one is my favorite.

  4. Beautiful photos. We've had a few violent thunder storms here, but only minor flooding, although I don't think one calls it minor when their yard is involved. Thankfully we live on higher ground.

  5. We have storm clouds gather but haven't had much rain. LOVE seeing these magnificent deer!

  6. Bellas imagenes me encanastaron los ciervos. Y espero que te encuentres bien. Te mando un beso
    Enamorada de las letras

  7. Critters large and small! I love them!

  8. Monica - wonderful nature photos! Thanks for participating in Mosaic Monday twice this week!

  9. Beautiful pictures of the fallow deer.
    The beetle has beautiful colors, perfectly photographed, my compliments.
    Greetings Irma


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