Critters this week

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Butterflies are awakening now. 
Peacock butterfly, The comma and the Mourning cloak.

Fallow deer!
This guy lost one of his antlers. The wound is visible on the inserted shot. First time I´ve seen this and got a shot. Now I will follow them more closely for a while. There are at least ten males and they will loose their antlers all of them. After that I will not recognize them as their antlers are like fingerprints. Unique to each one. In August I will be able to see new antlers grow out. Will be fun. 

I finally got a welcomming shot of the Grey wagtail. This is probably a female. The couple have been here for a while. I hope they will stay to nest and raise young!

White wagtail

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Take care eaveryone

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  1. Hello,
    The wagtails are pretty birds. I love your butterfly images, I will start to look for them here.
    The Fallow Deer are beautiful critters, the hunters here would love to collect their antlers. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post! Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  2. Hello. Wonderful photo of Grey wagtail. Beautiful butterflies.

  3. Interesting series as always. It's a great thrill to see the first butterflies of spring.

  4. Stunning butterflies and beautiful birds. I loved this post!

  5. Wonderful butterflies and birds. So nice the fallow Deer!!!
    Fantastic photos!!!

  6. The butterflies are so pretty! And how interesting to see the deer with missing antler. You'll be able to know him if you see him again soon. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. It's great to have the butterflies back. Lovely pictures.

  8. We've a lot of the same butterflies!

  9. Monica - what a pleasant surprise to have you link not once but TWICE to Mosaic Monday! I have seen some scattered butterflies, but I wonder where they will have gone today since we are in the midst of a very windy snow storm. Interesting that the male deer can be distinguished by their antlers - we don't see many males here; I will have to pay closer attention! Gorgeous photos of the wagtails!

  10. Love the captures of nature!

    Happy MosaicMonday

  11. Butterflies are lovely, do you see them in Autumn too?

  12. The peacock butterfly is the most colorful I’ve ever seen, even in pictures. They’re all lovely, but that one is amazing. ... I did not know that the fallow deer’s antlers are unique to each of them (just a bit easier to see the difference than on human fingerprints). Fascinating to know. Love your birds and hope they settle down there.


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