Four legged critters

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I realized that I have not posted as many four-legged critters as I thought lately. 
So, here there are some of them. Starting with snowy shots.

Man-horse team working with timber

Roe-deer, probably mother and young son. Our smallest deer. 

Fallow deer also probably mother and son

Fallow deer male. Same as above and this one is strange. This dark one don´t have the white markings in his behind as he was supposed to have. His tail also seem thicker then the doe´s.  
I asked the man who owns the property and takes care of them and he had not noticed some dark males was black at the back! So, he has some homework to do. 
This guy is cute, don´t you think?? 😍

Fallow deer doe´s on the run! And, it was not my fault. It was the first day that really felt like spring and I think they felt it too. They were running back and forth without noticing me spying on them. 

The red squirrel at a feeder station. Watching! 
And, yes, squirrels are four-legged even if it uses the legs differently

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  1. The picture of those big, string horses in the snowy woods is really terrific.

  2. Hello Monica,
    I enjoyed your four legged critters. Those horses look so big and strong. The deer are sweet, great captures. The squirrel is a cutie. Great collection of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend! PS, thank you for visiting and leaving me a comment.

  3. Lovely four-legged critters. Squirrel is my favorite.

  4. Great shots of deer...and I love the horses and squirrel as well! Glad to hear about your knowledge of the markings on the deer.

  5. Hello Monica, I love your first photo of the working horse. It's a great shot. You are so lucky to see the fallow deer, and I was happy to see that you see Red Squirrels like the ones we have with those crazy ears!:=)

  6. The horses are my favorite too but those small deer are adorable! Even your squirrels are cuter than ours! heehee! Enjoy your week!


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