Mosaic Monday

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One day I decided to hike around a nearby lake as I knew there were a couple of Mute swans. And as it had been cold for 2 weeks the forest would be frozen and not muddy and slippery to walk in. As I walked around the lake the swans was lit from different sides. 

I also found out a new place where the Fallow deer bucks was resting in the snow.
And I was also lucky to catch a group of does. Normally they get lost as soon as they see a car coming. But this day it was cold and they were busy eating. I also had the sun behind me so they might have been blinded a bit. I was able to slowly walk halfway across the field before they noticed me. That have never happened before. And I was able to get a few shots. 

We still have sunshine and snow where I live. And quite chilly. 

© NF Photo 210214

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  1. love the deer in the snow - wonderful photos

  2. Monica - wonderful photos. Well done to brave the temperatures to get these shots. The male fallow deer have quite some antlers! My favorite swan photo is the one at the bottom of the collage. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  3. I love it when you can enjoy animals in the wild like this - so special!
    Wren x

  4. Wonderful scenes in each mosaic.

    Happy MosaicMonday
    And Happy Valentine

  5. Nice combination of recent events.

  6. Oh my! You have some wonderful photos. Thank you!!!

  7. Oh those deer....I love the photo of the birds in flight!

  8. Happy mosaic Monday. I am at #20 on the linky today


  9. It's good the swans were able to swim, I thought the water would've been frozen.

  10. I love these all and the mosaics are beautiful! Love the oval! Hugs!

  11. Love the snowy dear pics. I have yet to see any wildlife in our new home but hopefully when the snow is gone I can get out and see something. Thanks for sharing.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  12. Good to see you well Monica..I love your deer....

  13. Lovely photos of the deer! We rarely see fallow deer in Scotland, roe deer and red deer are much more common here


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