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Fallow deer
At the mansion, where I mostly photograph the deers, they have now put out food stations for them. It bame cold and snowy and it maked it harad for the deer. They are wild animals and moves freely. But the owner of the mansion cares for them when needed. 
I had sneeked up behind bushes but of course, very awere one immediately noticed me. This is a rather young buck and not used to me. 

Mallards welcoming!
This is what it looks like when I visit Djulö Kvarn. Almost impossible to get out of the car. 

Currently I post a few of my dragonfly species on Instagram. They are not many because many of them are impossible to ID unless you are a proffessional with a microscope. 

But this one I know. It is a Four-spotted chaser - Fyrfläckad trollslända. 
I have a lot of shots of it. I even found a secquence of a pupa when hatching.  
It is amazing what you can find in your files. I had forgot about this. 

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Take care everyone. 

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  1. Hello,

    Love the shot of the buck staring at you! The critters have a harder time finding food to eat when there is so much snow around. The ducks photo is cute, there are so many of them welcoming you. Great shots of the dragonflies. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend! PS, thank you for the comment and visit.

  2. He sure was keeping an eye on YOU! What a good photo and how neat to see so many ducks. Enjoy your weekend! It's fun to learn some IDs of the things we see.

  3. Oh that buck photo is just beautiful! And the ducks!!! What a great shot Monica! :)

  4. These are all great pictures, but the one with the whole congregation of Mallards is precious.

  5. Great photographs, I enjoyed seeing them :)

    All the best Jan


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