MM Autumn end of September

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© NF Photo 200927

These images are from two walks the same day. In the morning I was at the lake and there was a little mist. On my way home I took the path through the forest and found some interesting ferns. 
In the afternoon I took the opposite path as I thought the tree would be very colorful by now. And the ink cup would also be present.  That fungi is not for eating but so messy it is fun to photograph them. 

I actually made art from them once. The skirt and the hat is ink cap. 

Natural Design girl   
© NF PhotoArt 161123

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  1. Interesting use of fungus for art. - Margy

  2. Really beautiful collages. Thank you.

  3. So beautiful.
    Have a nice week ahead.

  4. Monica - autumn is a spectacular season for photography - colors against duller skies; mist adding a surreal element to our pictures. Thanks for sharing your artistry with everyone at Mosaic Monday!

  5. Hello,
    Beautiful views and images. The fall colors and tree are lovely. The view of the mist on the lake is a pretty scene. Great photos. Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week!

  6. Very creatively done. We found a large puffball yesterday in prime condition and had it for dinner.

  7. Funny idea your art with the ink cap !!!
    Your scenes at the lake and the autumn landscape are beautiful.
    I was also in thick fog in the morning!
    Greeting Elke

  8. A very quirky touch to your post today, fascinating scenery too.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  9. Oh my! It had to look twice...and a third time to figure out the fungi fashion! WOW! Very cool. They really are pretty. Love your mosaic today too! Hugs!

  10. You have a beautiful red tree! We are not getting much red color this year ... I think summer was too hot. .... your “fungi(rl) is perfectly charming ... mushrooms always make me think of fairy tales and magic ... you have created the star of the story!

  11. Well now that's an inventive way to use fungi. Great work!
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  12. Beautiful place to walk.

  13. Love the BEAUTIFUL collages!

    Happy Wednesday!

  14. A misty lake has such a mysterious atmosphere. Love it!

  15. These are some awesome bits of your travels and I really enjoyed your 'fashion' show of inkcaps!!

    It's great to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!! Thanks for linking up.


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