Exploring a new path to hike

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A female Red-backed shrike was watching me  (Törnskata)
A met a fellow hiker. We were both carefully judging the other. 

On a small area at the lake I was able to get a shot of this dragonfly. 
In a field of crop I noticed something green. It was as tricky to shot as it is to see it. I pointed the camera at chance and hoped for the best. It is a Great green bush-cricket. I hope you see it 
(grön vårtbitare)

And lastly, the horses still don´t let me see their faces. 
Instead they quickly run away and share their behinds.

© NF Photo 200807

It was a good but tricky hike. I walked on dirt roads, path through forest, on deer paths in crop fields and through a dense clover field. Good for the strength´s of body and mind. 

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  1. Hello,

    You have a great variety of critters today. I love the pretty Red-backed Shrike. The dog reminds me of Goldie Girl. It is a pretty dog. Neat mid air shot of the dragonfly. I love the horses, the last shot of them running is awesome. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a great day and a happy weekend! PS, thank you for the visit and comment on my blog.

  2. You shot of the grasshopper is quite remarkable. It is one thing to spot the creature but quite another to find it in the viewfinder of your camera. Well done!

  3. Well done! The dragonfly in mid-flight is an amazing capture, not easy to get.

  4. I would love to be there walking with you! Put on your old hiking shoes for this one! Love that Shrike...what a striking bird!

  5. oh that is a good shot of that dragonfly though.

  6. Sweet this bird and the beautiful dragonfly, I haven't seen a green grasshopper of this species for a long time. The poor horses are plagued with the insects, the pictures of them are wonderful.
    Happy Sunday greetings Elke

  7. I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs, especially the Great green bush-cricket ... amazing.

    All the best Jan

  8. The cricket could be one of those hidden photo puzzles, but I found it. Great capture. Looks like a fun walk.

  9. Some very nice photos of your hike.

  10. That varied terrain really is good for both body and spirit .... a type of hike I haven’t been on in way too long. .... funny, the dog just went for a walk all by himself )) ... I’m not used to seeing unleashed dogs here (used to when I was younger, but it is pretty much illegal everywhere we walk nowadays except in special parks for off-leash runs). The horses are funny turning their backs on you...birds seem to do that for me ))

  11. You found a great place to walk! I love the scenery you discovered. And I can really relate to shooting and hoping for the best--those usually turn out great as your critter did! He's gorgeous :)

    It's awesome to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!! Thanks for linking up.

  12. Thank you for sharing this lovely captures at My Corner of the World.
    Stay healthy and well.


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