Spring, birds and fallow deer

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Bullfinch male and two females photographed from inside my room.
© NF Photo 200220

 Mallard and  eurasian wigeon

Common Merganser, common goldeneye and mallard
All males
© NF Photo 200214

Fallow deer bucks finally returned after the hunting season was over.
© NF Photo 200218

The Wigeon, Merganser and the Goldeneye are early migrators from the south. All males. And one of each.
As you can see our winter is still green. Weather service officially now say we have spring 1.5 months too early.

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  1. Hello, I love all your ducks and the Bullfinch is beautiful. The Goldeneye is one of my favorites. Great sighting of the deer on the field. Wonderful series of photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend. PS, Thanks also for the comment and visit.

  2. Great series of images. Signs of spring are all around you.

  3. I don't know where you live (haven't searched to find out) but yes, you sure do have early spring happening! Love seeing the deer, something that isn't around my more urban life.

  4. Wonderful the photos from Birds!!!
    Greetings elke

  5. How neat to see the Wigeon among the others! And of course the deer are just amazing....so many of them! Hugs!

  6. Such a lovely collection of photographs.
    Have a Happy Weekend.

    All the best Jan

  7. It's something how wildlife knows when hunting season is over (the doves disappear here in our yard during dove season). Fantastic photos as always. Thank you for joining us at I'd Rather B Birdin this week.


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