Little ones are growing fast

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Mallards new family of seven ducklings
© NF Photo 180709

hm, here are seven ducklings, one day old
© NF Photo 180710

here are eight
© NF Photo 180712

Mallard moms new family. Little ones are growing fast. Hm, I thought it was the same family, I did only see one female and ducklings on that same spot.
It was nice seeing them as they seem to be scarce nowadays. Have not seen small ones like this in several years.

First image was taken with my phone that is why it is of lower quality. My camera was in the shop.

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  1. Ahhhh, so so sweet! Also, I thank you for joining us birding enthusiasts at I'd Rather B Birdin' this week!

  2. Love seeing the babies. Great shots!

  3. They are so cute, they do grow quickly. Happy Sunday, have a great day and new week ahead!

  4. It is always good to see young birds rapidly becoming adults.

  5. Very nice. I like the babies.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  6. They really are the very cutest! We have a small family of ducks in the neighborhood pond but there were 6 when I first saw them....and now there are only 4. Boohoo! Love your pics! Hugs!

  7. Just lovely - so cute.

    All the best Jan


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