The Creative Playroom 4 The wave

  The Creative Playroom 4
The intention for this linkup is ART but in a broad meaning. I want to see that you have done some creative work. 

You can post digital art, images of your paintings, beautiful monocrome. Or whatever creative things you have. 
 Forget being serious for a while. Create strange worlds  and post them. Create beauty, funny, crazy things. Or moody ones. And then share them. The point is, have fun with it! And learn new things in the process.  This is just for the fun of being creative. And visit others for more creative idéas. 

Everything creative works. BUT please, don´t link up everyday photos or advertising
You can link to your meme post  IF you have a proper image for mine, if not, your link will be removed. You shall also have a backlink to my weekly linkup. Not to the blog. 

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The wave
©NF PhotoArt 160419

For those of you that wants to view the original image it is posted HERE

Linking up with the following memes. My thanks to the hosts:
Paint Party Friday     Worldless Wednesday (not counting the first part of the post)

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  1. Interesting curves.....subtle colours....bold composition.....beautiful!
    Thanks for hosting and sharing.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Beautiful!


  3. Wow, I think I finally fixed the issue. I had to come in the back door again and re-follow you, then close everything down and open them up again and "voila" there you were on my dashboard :) Hopefully it will stay there. As for your wave, how clever. When I looked at the original, I realized you were looking down over the railing. The creative brain is always thinking :) Very nice, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  4. Monica, your creativity is beautiful.

  5. Boa tarde, excelente trabalho em Photoshop com criatividade, o trabalho resultou em beleza e na beleza.

  6. I still see you're working on rising water. This is pretty cool !

  7. A pretty creation.

  8. Great piece, Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  9. Wonderfully created picture.
    Happy PPF ❤

  10. wow,, that is beautiful,,so many interpretations could be found in this,,

  11. How interesting and beautiful this is!

  12. Wow! That was exactly my first thought just now. The second one - nice abstract of soft and strict lines.

  13. What an interesting and powerful image! Surprising.

  14. What an interesting and powerful image! Surprising.

  15. hmmm. I thought I commented on this already! Very cool indeed. Thanks for commenting on my blog...and I will definitely link up next week!


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