Pollen season

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Pollen season abstract
© NF Photo 160415

Pollen season can be both beautiful and bad. Bad for everyone allergic to it and beautiful for the gorgeous patterns in a stream.

I made an abstract from the image above. You can see it at The Creative Playroom

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  1. love the design in the stream.

  2. And that is why we are in Florida and not Oregon this time of year. Serious allergies for somebody in this household (not me) and Oregon is (it seems) the pollen capital of the country.

  3. (And that was more information than you needed.) The patterns are just beautiful. I just couldn't help but talk about the bad part of pollen, because it has been a major problem in our family for so long!!!

  4. A mix of reflection and wave, Interesting seen.. and I can locate the image in first picture! So lovely captured and harmonised with art design detail! Greetings in April!

  5. Very interesting pattern on the second photo, great!

  6. Nice and very originel reflection.

  7. Wonderful reflection in the water giving the abstract patterns. That is a lot of pollen, hope you are not allergic to it.

  8. Without your information I would never have guessed what that was in the water. Great reflection.

  9. Wonderful patterns and reflections!

  10. Nice to look at this picture from a different perspective ... it is, indeed, a lovely reflection :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  11. wow- I have never seen pollen like that before.


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