Kaskadpil - Weeping Golden Willow

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Kaskadpil - Weeping Golden Willow
© NF Photo 160326 Duveholmssjön

This willow tree stands at the lake 5 min walk from my home. I have not noticed before that it´s hanging branches are so yellow.
It is really good looking with the bare, hanging, "curtain".

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  1. I love the weeping willows, so beautiful. Enjoy your day!

  2. Very nice - great close-up. We both found willows for this week.

  3. Like you I love the golden Weeping Willows of winter. They definitely have a beauty of their own. Nice to see buds though ... soon it will be green but still weeping. Beautiful moody shot, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  4. Lovely atmospheric lake image, with the graceful Weeping Willow. It's a pity they are so short lived. We used to have a lot of them at one tine. They do however take well from cuttings.


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