The fen in the forest

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The fen in the forest
© NF Photo 150907

About 20 km away from where I live there is this fen in the forest. Lots of moss and grass. Sometimes wet and sometimes dry. I like it. Visiting this place is like being moved to the northern part of Sweden. It is tricky to walk in it as it is very soft, almost like walking in clouds.  You need to be careful so you don´t sprain your ankle. :)

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  1. Great photos of a very beautiful place. Those feathery grasses look especially beautiful.

  2. The colours are spectacular. That green is unbelievable. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  3. so nice finding spots like that, getting out in nature is so therapeutic

  4. It looks a very special place.

  5. A wonderful place! Would like it too...

  6. It is a pretty place, I enjoy a walk in the forest. Lovely lighting and colors, beautiful images.

  7. Our wetlands are very different. They are filled with reeds and cat tails and it is impossible to walk in them. They are also very wet and the home to many interesting creatures some of which I wouldn't want to meet(i.e. snakes). Your Fen is beautiful and I think it would be fun to walk through it ... a spongy effect is what I imagine. Lovely post, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  8. Looks so peaceful



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