In the energy crop

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In the energy crop
© NF Photo 150806

I have shared this place before with or without different critters.
This day I spotted this female with a young. A little earlier I had noted that it seemed to be an opening in the field of mostly Salix, to the left. So, I followed the deer into the bushes. And I found a clearing with old trees growing on stony ground. The deers was not there. I guess the stones and rocks was stopping the farmer from cultivating this part of the field.

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  1. Nice landscape, and the top photo is really great.

  2. The deer are so cute, great sightings and photos.

  3. Beautiful countryside. Cute deer :)

  4. Awww...I rarely see a Mom and baby here even though we have a lot of deer... Lovely scenery...Thank you for your idea about Skype... We were going to do it this past weekend, but it got too busy for my daughter. It is hard as she works and time is short...but thank you so much.... Michelle

  5. I love your deer capture!

  6. Beautiful mother and baby! Nice to know there is this natural area !


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