White cows

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White cows
© NF Photo 140829

When I was young the ones was red with white patterns. Very rare you could see a black cow with white patterns too. It was said they gave more milk. Today it seems like all cows are white. Where did the others go? One thing has not changed though, they are as curious as ever. :)
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  1. I love the second photo - they have such lovely expressions.

  2. Jeg elsker køer- og hvide det må have været et fantastisk syn.
    Dejligt foto med fin bevægelse... selv tunge dyr kan være elegante...

    Kærlig Hilsen

  3. Ja, jeg har lagt merke til det selv også,- hvor ble de av de "gammeldagse"?
    Men hvite kuer gir også fine bilder:)

  4. Nice B&W! I love seeing cows.

  5. Lovely countryside! The cow is a graceful animal:)

  6. Cows are always so curious, it seems as if they love the camera

  7. Wonderful shots of the cows.. The second closeup is my favorite! Thank you for sharing your post with my Saturday's Critters... Have a happy weekend!

  8. I wonder if the white cows are a better breed in your climate. I very much like the second photo where we can see the faces more clearly.

  9. So lovely photos of these white cows! Wonderful B&W!

  10. De hvite kuene gjør seg godr i s-h!
    Flotte bilder fra
    Photo by Ingun

  11. Beautiful white cows and landscapes. Lovely in Black and White. I, too like the 2nd photo and for the same reason ---I love seeing their faces.

    I happen to love cows and know a lot about them. There are hundreds of different breeds worldwide. (You can find a list here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cattle_breeds)

    These may be Charolais, British White, Square Meater or even a breed of light gray cow. There are other white breeds. Different breeds are popular in different countries or areas because some do better in certain climates. They also differ by their uses ---for dairy, beef, or as draft animals.

    In the U.S. black and white (Holsteins) are the most popular dairy cows. They produce a lot of milk and with low fat content. Jerseys, which are brown with big doe-like eyes produce milk with higher fat content and that used to be desirable, but no more. There are also Guernseys (brown & white), Milking Shorthorns (dark brown) Brown Swiss, Ayrshires (red and white.)

    Beef cattle range from Black Angus (all black) to Hereford (red and white.) A nearby farm raises Beefalo ---a cross between beef cattle and buffalo ---to produce low-fat meat. Zebus or Brahman are popular in Asia. Nelores are all white cattle popular in South America and may be related to Zebus.

    Close to my home, I pass a small pasture with Belted Galloways. They are black on the front and back with a wide white belt around the middle. People refer to them as Oreo cows because Oreo cookies have two dark chocolate wafers with white icing in the middle ---not sure if you have Oreo cookies where you live.

    I was on a plane traveling within Brazil sitting next to a cattle rancher. He asked what kind of cattle we had where I live. I suspect 99 out of 100 Americans wouldn't know the answer, but he asked the right woman. I speak Portuguese, but I didn't know breed names in Portuguese. I was able to describe them and then he told me the Portuguese names. He raised Nelores.

    This is probably more info than you wanted, but I do love cows.

    1. thanks a lot. It is interestig to know. :)

  12. The second pic is awesome.

  13. Vackra kor! Till Finland hämtades nya koraser som gav mera mjölk och de traditionella raserna höll på att dö ut. Nu ser det lite bättre ut för våra lantraser, men antalet djur är inte så stort.

  14. #2 is the winner, both for composition and light. Beautiful.

  15. White cows! I don't see many white cows in my area. They're mostly dark brown and very dark brown that they're nearly black. Mooooo. Couldn't resist. Ah, your photos got me rambling. :-)


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