På väg - On your way

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© NF Photo 140829, På väg-On your way,  Pia Hedström
This "3D" artwork was consecrated today. It will be nice in the evening as it will glow in the dark.
It will be visible for people on the trains heading for Stockholm.

© NF Photo 140829, Katrineholm Skatepark, Lokstallet

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  1. I bet it will be fascinating at night. What a great idea , especially for a city that has so much darkness in late fall and early winter

  2. Pretty reflections in stadepark, , see also rain as in Belgium with the first fotos with umbrellas.greeting from Belgium

  3. Very interesting artwork! I like that it glows in the dark too. The images of the skatepark are great as well.

  4. interesting..still not really sure what it is!!

  5. The picture of the skatepark wet by the rain are amazing... I was a bit surprise by the buildings, and the piece of art that decorated them, so I tried to look up a bit on the internet ; Pia work with light so artisticly... I can't wait to see those pieces by night.

    Does "Lokstallet" means brownstone, or brick, or something like that ?

    1. "lok" is the swedish word for train engines. stall means stable. So Lokstallet is the building where the train engines are kept.

    2. Thanks for taking the time to explain it, now I get what I found on the internet regarding this type of building... As those garage were all built in brick I thought it meant brownstone... ^^

  6. Det skulle vara häftigt att se hur det lyser I mörkret.
    Nästan som glasyr på banan.
    Finfina bilder. Ha en bra helg!

  7. I´ll probably go to take some images when they are lit up. Someday!
    Thanks guys.

    The colored strips should be the railroad I think. Then two woman travelling.

  8. Wonderful artwork and the reflections are gorgeous!


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