Puddle reflections, it´s thawing

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Puddle reflections
©   NF Photo 120210 Luvsjön

What can I say? It´s thawing! Wet,wet,wet!
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  1. Thawing already? We haven't even started winter here yet! :-) Great photo.

    Greetings from London.

  2. It does look like it is warming up there! We will also have a warmer week here and much of our snow will melt.

  3. Pretty reflections in the second shot! I wish we would have a thaw! Have a happy week ahead!

  4. Glad I came to your blog, because I couldn't see from the thumbnail that it was a reflection! Beautiful!

  5. Wonderful, wintery shots and great reflections in the second one!! Hope we'll all have some better weather soon! Enjoy your week!!

  6. So you're also in transition, from cold to lesser cold. Ours unfortunately is less hot to hotter!

  7. Nice shots. We have had really cold weather with lots of frozen puddles and icicles on cliffs. Warmer weather is in store, so I bet they will all be gone soon. - Margy

  8. Really beautiful shots...Reflection in puddle is my favourite...and you captured it fabulous...

    We have had a heavy rain today...

  9. Beautiful photos.. we are heading toward a thaw next week maybe and there is an awful lot of snow to melt...Michelle


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