Little boy

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This is a small figure, 34 mm from top to toe. I took a shot of it in this position as it usually is in my bookshelf.

Then I noticed a flat spot on his head. This boy is not lying down, He is standing on his head. :)
  NF Photo 130325

 This is a memory from my mother. I believe she received it from her brother somewhere in the 1950th. He was in Africa then to establish a fire station. What country he was in I don´t know I was only a child at the time. It is made of metal. Might be bronze and nicely worked with lots of detail.

NF Blo-Ma 42  And don´t forget NF Abstract tomorrow.

Tired of snow I, today, share with you a family snippet.
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  1. Den hade jag glömt. Den är ju jättefin!

  2. Interesting figure!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. What wonderful piece of memory.

    Please have a good Tuesday.

    robert geiß

  4. Lovely figurine and memory of your mother. Great shots, have a happy week!

  5. What a cute fellow!

  6. Vilket vackert och speciellt minne från din mamma!

  7. Wonderful keepsake and I'm glad you know a bit of its history. What a surprise to find it stands on its head.

  8. A beautiful little sculpture and a good memory of your mother.

  9. that´s really fun. Thanks for sharing. :)


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