Deer photo

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Staring at each other

Or, in some cases, just hiding! So they don´t see me. 

© NF Photo 240529

Lol, Davis complimated me last week about getting shots of  deers. So I thought I would tell you! 

First, I always walk alone, so nobody is talking. 
Second, when I arrive to an area where they might be I walk in grass because gravel would give me away.
Third, I walk slowly one step at a time, 
Forth, as soon as they see me I stop. 
Fifth, I think that is the trick because now we are staring at each other.
Six, my hands lifts the camera and take, maybe, two shots. 
And that´s it, because by now the deer realised I am a human and takes off. 

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  1. Love your deer images, thanks for the tips!
    Take care, have a great day!

  2. The deer are beautiful,
    as if they came out of a fairy tale!
    Your photos are very beautiful!!


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