Spider in bw

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This is a Cross spider that lives on my balcony. 
This species comes every summer and weaves their nets. I have a line going between both walls and they use that one for the upper part and then weaves down to the balcony. The net usually becomes almost a meter in hight. It can´t of course be the same spider but probably next generation. 
Nowadays I actually waits for them. 

This evening it was beautiful sunset and I saw the spider in the sunset light. I include a color shot just because it was beautiful in both color and black and white. I have treetops outside the balcony! 

© NF Photo 220810


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  1. Orb weaving spiders are fascinating to watch build their webs. You have an interesting neighbor to share your balcony.

  2. I love the lighting in your second shot!

  3. Beautiful pictures.
    I love the spiders that make huge webs, it's fascinating to watch them do it.
    Greetings Irma

  4. I am sure that this spider is very fine company, and I am glad that you welcome it to share your world.

  5. Oh my! You're ready for Halloween with these pics! Neat in B & W!

  6. I love the B&W spider, but the colour version is surreal!

  7. I do love spiders, and these photos are wonderful to see. We usually have spiders weaving webs from the umbrella top to the deck chairs and table. The daytime spiders are moved to the Spicebushes around the deck, so we can sit down.

  8. amazing pictures of a weaving web spider. I love them

  9. Incredible photography, Monica.
    Happy Tuesday!


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