Spring Critters

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Greylag goose pair

Canada goose pair

In this place there has been a mixed couple for a few years. But so far I have not seen them It would be nice if they came. Like welcoming a friend.😐

Fallow deer 

The small tortoiseshell visiting a willow.
The butterflies are awakening and the small larvas too.  I had to watch my step not to step on the little larva. Don´t know the species. And, a hare!

© NF Photo 220326

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  1. Hello,
    What a great variety of birds, butterflies and critters. I love the Greylag Geese, the Deer and the cute Hare. Beautiful butterfly! Awesome photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  2. I am very fond of geese and these individuals are all very handsome,

  3. Hello Monica,:=) The Greylag and Canada Geese are beautiful captures. Spring has sprung, and I am also seeing butterflies, but not hares caterpillars, or Fallow deer, all very nicely captured by you.

  4. So many signs of Spring already. I love the geese and the deer of course! I wouldn't mind seeing a rabbit here soon. I know they are out there! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Now I know what a graylag goose looks like. They are quite handsome, aren't they?

  6. They all look like they are happy to be out.

  7. Beautiful pictures of the greylag geese and the canadian geese.
    I can see both species from my living room, here on the lawn they are both present.
    I wish you a nice Sunday.
    Greetings Irma

  8. Another fantastic showing of critters!!! I live 'em all.
    Thanks for taking time to share these with us!!

  9. You are a little closer to Spring than we are. It is lovely to see yours!

  10. Lindo ciervo y bello conejo. Geniales fotografías. Te mando un beso.

  11. So much wonderful wildlife. The geese have been bust flying north again.

  12. Monica - you are lucky to see so many spring animals. Our chipmunks have emerged from hibernation and are scampering around once again! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  13. That was a good day out in nature -- I enjoyed the early Spring pictures so much. But now I am a bit worried about stepping on larvae -- I had never thought about that (and am not even sure I could identify any). I must read more -- and look down as I walk the nature paths.


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