Lost and found

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Mute Swan
The Mute swan usually swim in a nearby larger lake. But this season they have been scarce and I did not know why. Mute swans rarely move. They stay put until the lake is all frozen. This day I visited a smaller lake I have not visited since early spring. And at that time it was very low in water and mostly muddy. So, I thought this lake too is drained to become farmland. 
Obviously I was wrong. To my surprise there was plenty of water and Swans in the lake. This is where they have been hiding. I could see more then 200 of them. That was a PLEASURE for sure!

White tailed seaeagle
I also found the lost Seaeagles. They used to fly on the other side of town where there used to be a wetland. That wetland is almost dry now and wildlife is gone. Probably next year there are crops growing there. So I was happy to see the eagle family. I am sure there was three of them, but it might have been a family of four. 

Red Squirrel
They started the forest feeder early this year. Who was the first visitor??
Welcome little one!

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  1. So glad you found the lost ones. Gorgeous photos from the lake. Like the puff clouds, the sea eagle and the squirrel.

    My latest post:

  2. Hello,
    I am glad you found this smaller lake, it looks like a pretty area. Great sightings of the Mute Swan and the Eagles. The Red Squirrel is a cutie. Beautiful photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your critters and post. Take care, have a happy weekend! PS, I appreciate your comment and visit.

  3. It is incredible to me that in 2021 we are still draining wetlands. Have we learned nothing?

  4. Fantastic photos. I haven't heard of a white tailed sea eagle. They reminded me at first of our bald eagle here in the US.

  5. Hello Monica,:=) Shame about the dried up wetland. Beautiful scenery where you discovered the smaller lake, and the Mute swans.They are such stately creatures. Beautiful images of the eagles and cute squirrel.

  6. The seaeagles are very beautiful! And I love that cute squirrel. I've never seen one like that...and probably never will! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Adore los cisnes te mando un beso

  8. Great sightings of the Mute Swan and the Eagles.
    The red squirrel is a sweetheart.
    Greetings Irma

  9. That squirrel is a stunner!!
    Your birds are terrific...love 'em all.
    I'm running late today getting my visiting done, out early birding and just getting home! Thanks for linking in and sharing at IRBB!

  10. So nice to see swans, we don't have any up here.

  11. What a wonderful Story.
    Happy MosaicMonday

  12. I'm back to visit and look at your photos again today! Happy Monday!

  13. That must have been exciting to see all those swans

  14. Monica - glad you found your lost animals!!!! The first collage is spectacular! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  15. Great pics! The swans are gorgeous.


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