Critter and mosaic

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The Fallow dear gang in high crop.

When it comes to the deers I see a lot of males, obviously! But I have not seen any females for over a month. It was the same last year and I have no clue of where they are. And I wanted to see fawns. 
I have walked several, for me unknown, areas where forest is not yet cut down. Or farmed.  I still did not find them. 

Pearly heat, Silver-spotted skipper and a spider!
In the same shot!

© NF Photo 210701 &6

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  1. That is an impressive gathering of deer and two butterflies and a spider in the same frame is great.

  2. Hello,
    I love the Fallow Deer mosaic, they are beautiful critters. Great capture of the 2 Skippers and the spider. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend! PS, thank you for your comment today and on all past visits.

  3. Flotte bilder! Merkelig med bare hanndyr.

  4. You see so many of those deer, I'm envious! Lovely photos! :)

  5. Maybe they are all sharing in the latest gossip.

  6. You sure found plenty. All I’m seeing are does and usually one at a time. I saw one with a fawn last week on the other side of our pond, but the dog barked and scared them before I could get a pic. Good luck. Hope you find the ladies.

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  8. Looks like the female deer are keeping out of sight for safety perhaps. What a great moment seeing this many males in one place as well as three insects in one shot. Wow!

  9. Looks like a deer conference in progress! Love the fabulous photos.

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Love the last one of the butterflies and spider.

  11. Beautiful nature photos. Love the butterflies.


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