My town Katrineholm

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This is my town this week. Top image is the road going south out of town. Three years ago when the city celebrated it´s 100 years of age they planted cherry trees. The trees are still "young" and flowers are starting in spring. Not that much yet. But, it turned out that the trees are gorgeous even in autumn. The leafs turns orange and red. Two different species of trees. 

Next row, the steps are from our arboretum. The rest three photos are from the city square yesterday. It had been raining and I noticed those cool reflections. I had to kneel to get the shots :) 

© NF Photo 201025

Snow has started in the north part of Sweden but not where I live . But we have been close to 0° C
We have a word in Sweden that is quite good. It is "lagom" it means not too much and not to little. Just good enough. So, I hope your weather is "lagom" too. Not to dry and not to wet or cold. 

Take care!

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  1. Golden october, indian summer... love this season.

    Happy MosaicMonday

  2. Your town looks beautiful and I can see why you enjoy living there. I wish lagom for you, as you get into the period of long, dark nights. Stay well and stay healthy during this awful pandemic.

  3. Hello,

    Your town looks pretty, I like the trees and pretty colored leaves. I wish lagom for all of us. Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!

  4. Those trees have beautiful colours. Our weather HAS been lagom...but not anymore, there is snow in the forecast tomorrow, boo hoo...but...I'm sure it'll all melt away as soon as the sun rises!! :)

  5. You live in a beautiful town and I love seeing the Fall colors in the trees. I know you'll take photos when it does snow to share. We don't get snow in Florida. But our weather is beautiful this week so I won't complain. AND...I'll write down that word in my journal today...lagom! I learned something today! YAY!

  6. Monica - the perfect fall collage. If every city in the world would plant trees, it would go a long way to saving our climate. It will be wonderful to compare this year's photos of the trees to how they look 10 years from now! Fabulous reflections - I find getting down to take a picture is not the issue - it is getting up again! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  7. I love the road picture and of course trees, they are a favorite of mine.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  8. Your city looks so beautiful autumn now!
    I wish you a lot of joy during this time!
    Greeting Elke

  9. Your hometown is a lovely place. Nice added bonus that those trees are so lovely in the Fall, as I think of them as Spring beauty.


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