Critters and birds this week

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Birds on the beach. Canada goose, ad and juv

Three birds that might be a family. Canada goose and Greylag goose often pairs up and we have a lot of crossbreeds. The young bird seen to be a crossbreed and even have the head miss colored of vitiligo, lack of melanin I think. I´m planning a post on this topic but have to find the first image before I do. 

I finally spotted some fallow deer hinds and young. I have not seen them since beginning of June. Now they are trapped between the new fence and the forest. And this is as close as I can get to them. Not sure if they will come back. Not much room for them to graze. 

The cattle had to find out what I was looking at!

I felt I was watched so I turned to see. This little Snok was watching me. A  small one that seems to be well fed. Maybe it thought I would trap it´s lunch. This is a curious and not venomous species. 

This is the Snoke´s lunch buffet I was photographing! Small perch. 

Lesser marbled fritillary - Älggräspärlemorfjäril
© NF Photo 160627

I decided to post all my Swedish  butterfly species on my Instagram account NatureFootstep_travelsandbirds as I will probably not travel anymore. 
Doing so I instantly realized how many species I have not seen in years. This one was 5 years ago. It is kind of scary.  😟

© NF Photo 200829 

Take care everyone! Problems are not over yet. Neither environment or viruses. 

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  1. Hello,
    Wonderful photos of the geese, deer and the sweet cows. The snake is interesting, I do not mind seeing them on the trails. The butterfly is beautiful. Great collection of photos. Take care and stay safe! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend! PS, thanks so much for leaving me a comment.

  2. Hello. Canada goose x Greylag goose looks interesting. Wonderful photos.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Great collection. As you noticed, the snake appears to have recently fed. I am especially happy to see those Canada Geese doing well, and they seem to be having great success wooing the locals!

  4. How nice to see the animals with you, even a snake!
    The butterflies are so pretty. so gorgeous the photos!
    Have a good weekend, hug Elke

  5. How neat that you have seen so many butterflies over the years. We saw a lot of Fritillaries yesterday...dark orange. They are so beautiful. Love those deer and it's good that there are so many. You help us learn so much with your posts! I appreciate that! Hugs!

  6. Very nice photos. I too, have noticed a significant decline in the insects I photograph in my gardens. While I don't use poisons on insects, I feel we have become a poison driven society through effective marketing. Sad and frightening at what the long term consequences will be.

  7. Cows are so curious, every time I stop and say hi to them they come up and chew their cud while watching us.

  8. Wonderful nature photos - I especially like the snok!

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  10. That is scary that so many butterflies have disappeared. Your pictures to prove they were once there is wonderful, but sad at the same time. Also I’m sad that you say you will not travel any more, although that may certainly be true for us also. ...I like very much your “critter” collection today. Even the snok (snake) and it’s lunch buffet are so interesting to me!


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