Saturdays Critters in June

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Large red damselfly are awake.

I think this is a Northern damselfly or Spearhead bluet.

A pair of Wheater without any young

 A young moose

Roe deer

© NF Photo 200613

Walking around looking for wildlife is not fun nowadays. There are almost nothing to see.
The red damselfly seem to be of "normal" numbers. The blue one....a few years ago you saw them everywhere. Now I have seen 4 of them.

The no of moose and roe deer´s also lowered in no the past years. This was the first moose I have seen in 4 years. And, earlier I saw roe deer´s almost every week, but not anymore.

Insects and butterflies are rare. And I think birds have trouble feeding their young.  Where there used to be clouds of insects over the meadows it is now empty.

I have a no of National Geographic, Swedish edition, on my kitchen table. There is an article about the decreasing no of insects all over the world. It is a scary reading and I can see it in my area.

Take care and be safe in C-times but also take care of your wildlife.

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  1. These are beautiful animal photos! It is shclimm that it is the same with you. It makes you sad and annoying that nothing changes much. For me it is also with the coastal heath 7 years ago I have seen so many different butterflies and insects but now almost nothing. The birds are getting less and less. In the morning I photographed so many birds on the beach this year hardly anything that was occasional and only rarely in droves.
    Take care of yourself, hugs Elke

  2. The decline in insects should alarm all of humanity. Without them we are doomed.

  3. Hello, I love the moose! The Deer and the Wheatear couple are pretty. Wonderful captures of the damsels. It is sad to think insects of the world are disappearing, they is scary too. Great variety of critter photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  4. Hello. Great photos. We have to take care of our wildlife.

  5. Beautiful shots! I love the dragonflies. How wonderful to see a moose in the wild!

  6. Superb macro shots of the dragonfly, and I love the Wheatear. I always look forward to seeing them back here for the summer.

  7. Hi, these photos are a treat for the eyes when one cannot move about freely in these times and all there is around us are buildings. Take care.

  8. The photos of the damselflies are brilliant, lovely to see them gleaming in the sun

  9. That’s frightening information. Humans have created a lot of problems.

  10. beautiful nature photos - thanks for sharing!

  11. Thanks for sharing the critters that you found, they are gorgeous to see! It's really sad about the numbers of animals around these days.

    It's awesome to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for linking up.

  12. I know insects are in trouble which means the birds will be in trouble..It is so hard to take on top of everything else.....

  13. I agree that it is scary to realize the insect population is lowering so much that one can see it happening so fast. So sad too. The human race is slowly killing itself.


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