The old milk churns

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The old milk churns
© NF Photo 180507, Backa

When I saw this image in my files I felt stupid. This was the only shot I took that day. I liked the look of the milk churns standing there, still waiting to be filled with milk. But that will never happen again. This is a part of my childhood, long gone. Today they are only decorations!

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  1. ...I was in Amish country this week and saw many metal cans waiting to be picked up by the cheese factory. Thank you for stopping by today, enjoy your week.

  2. I remember my mom had some of these as decorations when I was a kid. If I remember right, she painted one black, and tole painted flowers on it. I wish I had it today. Brings back memories..

  3. Great photo! I remember seeing some years ago with flowers in them.

  4. nice! the churns make the building have that old look about it.

  5. It's a great photo! I love the subject matter because you caught a moment in time.


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