European or Brown hare - Fälthare

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European hare or Brown hare - Fälthare
© NF Photo 180423


The fact that I came rather close to them was that the hare was reluctant to leave the one laying down. I thought it was injured but finally it  took of together with the others. Maybe a mating behaviar as it is that time of the year?

Well whatever, it made my day!

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  1. Great pictures . . .
    Sometimes a nap in the sunshine is what we need!
    (Happy he wasn’t injured!)

  2. Aren't they cute! I just loved seeing them!

  3. They're beautiful animals. Reminds me of the elk we saw last summer in Oregon where one young one just would not get up and move when the rest of the herd took off. The bull came back and nudged it until it joined the group (I too thought it must be injured). Just love stumbling upon wild animals!!!

  4. How different they look when they stand up!!! I am not used to seeing rabbits (hares) with their bellies up off the ground!!!

  5. Hello, the hare is a cutie. Love these cute critters. I am sorry to be so late commenting. I just got home from our road trip and I am now trying to catch up on my commenting. Thanks so much for linking up your post. Have a happy day and weekend ahead.


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