A winterwalk in the forest

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 blueberry bush

uprooted tree

high stump

high stump
© NF Photo 180225, Krämbolsskogen

Images from my walk in the forest yesterday. I show the good parts. What I don´t share is the damage the wild boars have made on the forest floor since I visited the forest last time. It was devastating. :(

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  1. My favorite nature walk area (Six Mile Cypress Slough) suffers a lot of damage from feral hogs (they are wild, but descended from tame ones that were turned loose).... they really can tear things up terribly. The parts of your walk that you show look quite lovely.

  2. Sorry to hear about the devastation ....

  3. oh sad about the wild boars, but that's nature I guess, hopefully the area will be alive with activity come Summer.

  4. Very much enjoy these photos. The top one is specially attractive and the fallen tree is just the kind of thing I too enjoy coming across when out walking.

  5. we have wild pigs in our bushland too. They are very destructive.

  6. Lovely images.
    Stay warm. :)

  7. Wow great photos once again. It's great to see that the blueberry bush is looking the same as mine. I thought I'd lost it.
    Pity about the boar's devastating work... I never realised they could do such damage.
    Keep cosy :D


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