Visiting the forest feeder

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 The shy Blackbird male - koltrast

Nuthatch - nötväcka

Feeding frenzy at the feeder
Great tit, coal tit, blue tit and nuthatch

Visiting the forest feeder at Tornskogen
© NF Photo 180123

Not so many species but very busy none the less. It was rather cold so I did not stay long.

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  1. Hello, wonderful variety. I think your blackbird is prettier than the blackbird I see here. I love the cute nuthatch and the other cute little birds. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  2. Beautiful birds. I especially love the bottom one with the spread out wings!

  3. oh lovely birds, I'm glad they have some food to eat.

  4. Hello!:) Lovely images!:) Nice to see the four different birds at the feeder.

  5. What a wonderful group of birds. Your blackbird in the snow is stunning and the birds around the feeder are indeed busy surviving. Your Nuthatch is just like mine and I love the little "err err" they utter when going head first down the tree. I miss my feeders and my birds. I will be glad when this move is over and we are settled so I can get back to my real birding. This is a very nice wintery post, Monica ...

  6. P.S. I love your new header ... very misty and beautiful. :)


  7. Beautiful birds! That blackbird looks so sweet, not at all as aggressive as they are often seen!

  8. Beautiful birds. Love the snowy background. Nuthatches amaze me. They are always upside down. :)

  9. Lovely shots and I love your new header too

  10. I am always amused to see the nuthatches upside down!

  11. A terrific variety of feathered visitors!! They are just gorgeous.

  12. I love to see the birds in winter...Not so alone in the cold..Michelle


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