Skansen museum and church at Julita

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© NF Photo 170901, Skansen museum and church at Julita gård

You can say this is a museum within a museum. The entire area of the castle and the farm belongs to Nordic Museum. This building is located within Julita Skans area. See links below.
I like this place. Indoors are an open, squared area with a fountain where people, of course, throw coins.  I have photographed this before with my brother being a ghost in front of the lit window of the balcony.

The building has a small, outdoor garden in the middle and a small church at the opposite side.

Julita Skans (old Swedish farmbuildings)
Skansen museum and church 
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  1. Nice that you were able to take photos without people in them. Usually museums are packed with fellow visitors.


  2. I like that Museum a lot -- very clean and uncluttered looking -- and everything beautifully crafted (including your photos of it all!) Thanks.

  3. Very beautiful interiors.

  4. It is beautiful and looks like it belongs there in that setting.

  5. You asked about my instagram account? Yes I am on IG and my handle is @airam94564. See you there.

  6. Oh how wonderful! I love the photos you took of fountain.

  7. Your footsteps are active and productive!

  8. WOW! What a beautiful building!

  9. Love it!!!
    Quaint, quiet, and oh so beautifully constructed and in such a pretty area.


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