Bad ads

OK, this is bad. Several people, me included, has been sent to ads that I am not responsible for. I have no idéa of how to get rid of them or who hijacked me. 

One person was sent to some fashion site I think, one to a casino and myself I have twice been sent to a sex-site. 

Not at all fun! I have to start another blog for NatureFootstep Photography. Please stay tuned. I will give you another one soon. 

Until then I will post at 
Naturefootstep.com   My HOME and Art blog
NatureFootstep World    Everyday shots
and my bird blogs

I´m so sorry for anyone that ended up in those terrible ads.

Monica at NatureFootstep.com 

170416 Update, I tried to change a redirect under settings. Tell me if it worked :)

Lately my blog URL seem to have been hijacked. On two occasions when I clicked the link to this blog I got a full-screen ad about sex right in my face.  If this or any other ad happens to you, please tell me in a comment. If it continues I have to start a new blog: I don´t want ads, and certainly not if other people gets the money. 

See the sidebar for the last updates in my blogs.
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  1. I'm sorry that's happening to you, such a shame, keep us posted.

  2. Oh that's awful Monica ... I didn't have a problem at all...you look like you always do. Hope it fixes itself. I love your rowdy rabbit header shot.

  3. It's a shame that people have so much time that they infringe on others who just want to enjoy blogging. I haven't gotten any and I do hope that things get straightened out for you.


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