Trolle Träsk ruin

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Trolle Träsk  ruin
© NF Photo 170113

Translated the name of this place, Trolle Träsk, is The Troll Swamp. A man named Porse Geet owned it in the 1300th century. It was built in a swamp to be safe from war. The stone walls are one meter thick.

To get there you have to walk 500 m in the forest. Last 200 m you walk on a narrow boardwalk in the swamp. The lake is Djulö lake where I used to paddle a lot.

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  1. Stone walls from so long ago -- what tales they could tell if they could speak.... beautiful with the snow. And I am so impressed that you walked to them in that weather!!

  2. the stonework is so pretty covered in snow.

  3. Photos looks beautiful. Snow on the stone looks awesome:)

  4. It looks so fresh and clean...beautiful! Would make lovely cards or even a jigsaw puzzle! Hugs!

  5. Very interesting and beautiful! I like the name. I am sure it is a place full of legends.

  6. Our snow melted quite a bit today. I'm so disappointed.


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