Natural design, the project

Natural Design

Today's post is longer then usual. I share all images I have created with the shaggy ink cup and the woman.
This project started with a wish to create a skirt of an image of a  shaggy ink cup hat. The only image I did not have was the woman and as it turned out the woman made the project go in an other direction then my first ideas. But you have to follow the lead ☺It usually turns out in a good way.

Clicking image to enlarge the smaller ones is recommended. 
No nine and the last one: Yellowstone desert dreams. CS5

No eight: A path to dreams in Varanger, CS5

Seventh:  through the door

Sixth: CS5 collage, same image in 5 ways.

Fifth: Oilpaint  in FotoSketcher

Fourth: Catroon in FotoSketcher

Third: A mix between first and second image,  FotoSketcher

Second image a sketch, FotoSketcher

First image, the model with skirt and hat, CS5

Natural design, the project
© NF Photo November 2016

This is also the last of Art Every Day Month for November 2016.  I made it!

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  1. wow !!!
    you are so talented in you art work dear.
    i saw simple art by people but you created it with mixing it and result is wonderful

  2. The serie of the girl painting is magical. Elarged and love it.
    Happy PPF ❤

  3. Wow, this had to keep you busy for awhile. I love your voyeur with his camera ... These are fun, Monica and well done. Hope all is well and you are busy putting together your show (you did say you had another show in December, right?). I finally got a Christmas card to the printer, but my FH didn't enter the new addresses on my list from last year so if you get the chance, could you send yours to me on FB messenger. Sorry, the list might still show up, but I don't want to take a chance :) Be well, my friend ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    1. no show for December. They did not want me this time either. So, I guess digital art is not art in their eyes.

  4. Absolutely amazing, love what you have done here.

    Nicola ♥


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