Green woodpecker

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Green woodpecker
© NF Photo 161105

I was out for a morning walk when I spotted this beauty. It was weary but not scared of my presence. Gave me some extra exercise. And a few shots.  :)

And...I made a sketch from the top image, using FotoSketcher.
© NF PhotoArt 161113

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  1. Nice sketch, and what a concept.

    I've never thought of a green woodpecker!

  2. Would I ever LOVE to see this beautiful bird! Wow.

    Again, thank you for sharing at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

    1. ps...love the blog header here also.

  3. Hello, your Green woodpecker is beautiful. Great shots. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  4. Never seen a green one before. Great capture and sketch

  5. Lucky you for getting a shot of this beauty. Our woodpeckers here are bluish, definitely not green.
    I like the sketch filter, for the tree it works magic, yet IMO the bird gets a little lost in it's intricacy.

  6. He's just stunning! And I love the trees!

  7. Oh the woodpecker photographs are amazing. I've never seen one that color. The tree is gorgeous too.

  8. What a beautiful woodpecker--thanks so much for sharing it! Where I live, the woodpeckers tend to be black-and-white (sometimes with a bit of red), or else a kind of tan color. Seeing a photo of a green one is a treat!

  9. Oh my you did well to capture that woodpecker. He's stunning.
    We have the Greater Spotted Woodpeckers visit our feeders, but they are very flighty.
    Great sketch filter too.
    I hope you have a great week ahead :D

  10. I'm playing catch up here. I've never seen a green woodpecker before. This is a gem.

  11. I've never heard of, much less seen one of these. It's a beauty!
    Gorgeous photos...

  12. very nice photos :) and very lucky to come across the woodpecker :)


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