Crashed "Catching Light"

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Crashed  "Catching Light"
© NF PhotoArt 160902

This is one of my artwork that I like a lot. And hate it too. It was a mistake to frame it with glas in front of the image. The glass made the black and white image to a pure mirror. so you hardly saw what was in there. I decided to smash it. Now I will work a little more and then use it for December exhibition this year. Maybe the people who decide what art will be there, will find, this is Art!

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  1. The smashed glass gives your photos a sense of tragedy, and also makes them more visually interesting.

  2. Good shots. Well done

  3. Shame about your work going wrong, but you've made it into success. I love the patterned reflections in your first image, and your second has a feeling of mystery. Good luck with the exhibition.

  4. Great reflections.I think it is cool. Have a good weekend.

  5. uf, I am relieved it wasn't an accident with injuries. interesting abstract.

  6. My first thought was this is very artsy. A very cool reflection!

  7. In the first I see the artwork in a context with some reflections captured from the room, as a space,... In the second, it looks like an abstract vision, (of two hands in catching lights and shadows). It's very interesting!

  8. oh nice shot, I was going to ask how it got broken.

  9. yeah..I too hate the effect of glass on artwork!


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