Summer birds

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Winchat and White/Pied wagtail

Common Snipe

European Golden Plover

© NF Photo 160717 and 160710

They already started the migration south.

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  1. I love the wadding birds, they are awesome. Even their coloration though seemingly drab, up close is quite beautiful. But the show stealer here is the White Pied Wagtail ... wow, what a striking bird. Love these, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. I love the Whinchat. It's one of my favourite summer visitors.

  3. I've never had the pleasure of seeing any of these birds, love all of your pictures!

  4. They look so content going about their business in the summer

  5. You have captured the birds very well in their action. :)

  6. Such nice pictures, but the first one is my favorite. In the other pictures they all look very contented and not the least bit concerned about you photographing them. Hope you have a a nice weekend.genie


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