My first digital face on WACOM tablet

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Hi, I am Monica aka NatureFootstep. First time I join Show your face.
This is my first try on drawing on a WACOM tablet.  Have a lot to learn :)

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  1. Lol ... you are doing much better than I did on mine. I guess I am just a dork. I could never get things to go the way I thought they should. My Wacom is in the drawer ... Good luck with yours. I have a feeling you are going to succeed with it :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Nice work, one day I should try

  3. Aaah, you did it! Although I have to say I thought you meant 'drawing on a tablet i.e. iPad or such'. A Wacom is an absolute staple in my Photoshop workflow. Without it I'd be lost. It is so much more precise and easier on the hand and joint than a mouse. But - you got to use it and practice until it becomes your extended hand. Good first try, keep at it.

  4. You did GREAT! I have an old one that belonged to my son, and I love playing with it...but my sketches I would not dare upload. I am pretty poor at it...not like you. But you always so everything so well. genie

  5. I love pink hair! I haven't tried to sketch with a wacom. My boyfriend prefers digital art, I prefer traditional, but I like looking at them both!

  6. Nice sketch, Monica! I don't own a Wacom tablet but I do have some sketching apps on my iPad that I've yet to play with. :)

  7. Good job, it is always such a challenge to learn a new tool like that! I haven't figured out how to use the art apps on my ipad yet.

  8. good start with your tablet :) just keep practicing an it will feel like using a normal pen :)


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