Feeding frenzy

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Feeding frenzy, barnswallow - ladusvala
© NF Photo 160707, Trolldal

It is really amazing, it looks as the parent throws it´s entire head into the gap of the young. Like pushing the food far down the throat. At the last shot the parent had hardly a second to rest before it all starts again.

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  1. The parents have a hard time getting all tose mouths feed.

  2. Great shots. Amazing how hard they have to work to raise a healthy brood.

  3. Great photos of the young being fed. Not an easy job!!

  4. These are amazing captures! I have been watching the sparrows doing this very thing. Beautiful, Monica. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Absolutely wonderful shots! How adorable!

  6. Terrific shots. I am betting those babies will be flying from the nest soon.

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens


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