Reflection in a wet skateboard track

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Reflection in a very wet skateboard track
© NF Photo 160527

The reflections from the buildings and the sky ads colors and texture to an, normally, dull concrete.
Note! Image tilted by purpose!

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  1. Very artistic in it's own right. Skate boarding on a wet track is not advisable, but photographing a great reflection on a skateboard track ... that is awesome. Just stopping by to see what I have missed this week. I hope I will be back next week, but my friend is moving Monday and I have promised to help her. Fingers crossed :) Hope you get your new computer up and running ... what kind did you get? Hope all is well with you ... seems strange to be out of touch :)

    Amdrea @ From the Sol

  2. I love the curves and reflections. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Beautiful reflections!

    Love and hugs

  4. Lovely Reflection. We have those for the teens five minutes away from us. Never thought to do the reflection. Your brave to go and do it. If it be raining.


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