The Creative Playroom 6 Dream world in Japan

  The Creative Playroom 6

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Dreamworld in Japan
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  1. Such a bright dream!

    (I've linked up one my newest picstory, although it isn't made digital, but thats my kind of playing)

    1. it´s ok, it does not have to be digital :)

  2. A very exceptional, cozy and interesting work.
    Greetings from Germany

  3. I like the contrasting shades. Very nice!

  4. Very interesting. It's rather like this "foil art" I saw once. All shimmering and so dramatic. Interesting filter to use.

  5. Very different, I like it! Happy PPF, Valerie

  6. Looks almost like a film negative. Old times :)

  7. This is so ethereal, Monica. Both delicate and gorgeous, it begs for a story to be written.

  8. A very different interesting piece ... I agree with Claudia, it looks like a negative.
    Happy PPF to you

  9. I absolutely love this piece. I am many items from Japan and have been there so I tend to gravitate towards this type of art.

  10. Well, I certainly remember seeing this post and having thoughts about how interesting your treatment is and what a beautiful peaceful setting it is ... but then I also remember getting stuck on the thought of "what is she doing?" She is doing something on the ground and I just can't quite figure it out :) I think the Japanese women are gorgeous and you certainly caught her beauty in this shot. I must have been interrupted with something and forgot that I hadn't put my thoughts in writing ... Duh!

    Andrea @ From the Sol


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