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 They are building new buildings downtown. I have seen this crane in low sun before and I think it is beautiful in the low sun light.

This is the City garden with the City Hall in the background. Time is only 14.45 and sun is already low.

A crossing half way between the center of town and my home. 
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  1. Beautiful photos with the sun so low in the sky.

  2. Sunset does come early now. I like the darkening sky. - Margy

  3. Lovely town ... It gets dark way too early these days! I dislike that so much.

  4. Lovely light!

  5. The sunset view is pretty and I like the tree silhouettes. Lovely images. Have a happy day!

  6. The crane looks as though it is gold plated.

  7. what i really enjoy about the bloggy world is having the chance to see everyone's world. so so different. i really enjoy your shots. my fave ... the last one has a very pretty glow. ( :

  8. Super photos of your home town in the fading light.

  9. NUC is a city full of cranes. Your town looks pretty enough without big buildings.

  10. The crane looks like it is gold plated ... I assume that is the effect the sun has on it ... anyway, you are right, it is awesome. Your towns seems lovely and colorful ... and dark at 14:45! I thought it was bad here ... we get dark around 4:30PM. Still having a hard time getting used to it. Love your shots, Monica ... the trees are lacy and colorful :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  11. Very nice photos! I'm not a fan of the short days, but love your photos...

  12. The trees against the skies in those last two captures present a spectacular picture. So nice.


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